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Archer's Meats


Archer's Meats has been providing premium meats and meat processing in Indiana for over 35 years. Located in downtown Greenwood, Archer's Meats features quality meats which are HACCP compliant and state inspected.

Our specialty meats and wide variety of other products include:

  • Premium Beef

  • Premium Pork

  • Old Fashioned Smokehouse

  • Bacon

  • Ham

  • T-Bones

  • Rib Eye

  • Chuck Roast

  • Chuck Steaks

  • Ground Beef

  • Sirloin

  • Pork Chops

  • Spare Ribs

  • Country Style Ribs

  • Pork Loin Roast

  • Fresh Ham

  • Chicken Breasts

  • Meat Bundles

  • Venison Processing

  • Plus Much More!

Beef Processing
Archer's Meats offers beef processing for a wide variety of customers. From the local farmer bringing in his own beef for processing to the city folks looking for an exceptional quality of beef.


For those of you wanting to purchase a side of beef, give us a call. We use only a select few local producers that we are confident in the quality of the beef that they produce.


All of our beef is aged from 7-14 days. We feel this is adequate to insure the highest level of quality for our beef customers. Archer's Meats is licensed and inspected both for home use and for resale (restaurant use and retail).


Archer's Meats provides:

  • Well bred Black Angus Livestock

  • Naturally fed livestock

  • High standards of welfare

  • Well hung carcasses

  • Cattle are fully traceable

  • No unnecessary use of pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizers or antibiotics

You can rest assured knowing that your meat has been produced in a natural and traditional way.

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